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With roots in Brookings, South Dakota, Millborn Seeds helps bring to life healthy vegetation across the Midwestern landscape.





Looking for a job, huh? Well, for starters, we don't offer “jobs” here. We hire people we know are in search of a professional, fast-paced, team-oriented culture. And the hiring only occurs after an extensive interview process that allows us to get to know who you truly are as well as allows you to get to know us. So if you're not serious about going on a respectful journey of getting to know one another over the next few months, then please seek a “job” somewhere else. For the rare ones out there who are excited to learn more about working with a respectful team of intelligent, spirited professionals, please keep going.

Our Core Values

It took us nearly quarter of a century to finally arrive at some simple yet very real core values that help define our culture here at Millborn. So basically what we're saying is please take a few minutes to read them. Reflect on them. And understand they aren't just corporate jargon. Again, they are very real. And we are very proud of them. Mostly because at the end of every day, we know we each lived them through our actions.

  - Be honest in all our dealings
  - Value relationships above all else
  - Be a dependable resource for our customers
  - Care for our teammates, customers, and business partners
  - Be helpful to each other

Why Work Here

We think we mentioned this already, we are a strong team here at Millborn. So to say we are wide open to anyone and everyone walking on in and joining our team would be a flat out lie. Fact is, Millborn doesn't work for everyone. To clarify, not everyone is fit to work here. We are here though. And we know there are others like us out there. Heck, weʼll even eat a piece of humble pie and admit there are certainly others out there that are smarter than “us”...and will help take us to a whole new level. Which brings us to reasons why, if thatʼs you, you may want to work here. There are so many and our time is as valuable as yours, so weʼll keep this on point.

Reasons to work at Millborn:
  - We care about each otherʼs wellbeing
  - We make it a point to enjoy homemade meals in the kitchen upstairs
  - New ideas are both encouraged and supported
  - We are family-owned company who welcomes family
  - We are as committed to inspiring personal development as we are professional

Why You Shouldn't Work Here

Hey. If we're going to spell out a few reasons why you should work here, itʼs only fair we put all the cards on the table. So here they are. A few reasons why you really shouldn't work here. Because, as we warned you several times already, Millborn isn't all candy and nuts. On that note, we are kind of health “nuts” actually. That doesn't mean you have to drink our “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” lemonade. We're simply saying, don't be surprised if we frown on your morning can of Mountain Dew. We want you to live for a very long time. Otherwise, weʼll have to go through this darn process of trying to find another rare talent all over again. Drum roll please...

Reasons not to work at Millborn:
  - You think your actions and decisions don't affect your teammates
  - You want to be left alone without any accountability
  - You really donʼt care about the philosophy or values of the company you work with
  - You consider your job completely separate from every other aspect of your life
  - You want to make a ton of money but work as little as possible

A Typical Day at Millborn

When all else fails at trying to communicate how hard yet how interestingly fun it is to be a member of the Millborn team, itʼs time to bring in the fly on the wall. And we just so happen to have on our team a fly on the wall...who can write. Heʼs so darn smart.


Trouble is, he gets a little, if not a lot, upset when we start swatting at his other fly friends. Oh, donʼt worry. On that note, our office is modern. And very clean. Freakishly clean at that. So while flies are rare, they do fly in the front door on occasion. Oh, and to avoid confusing any ordinary fly with our near genius fly, we made him a name tag. It says “Hello my name is Jerry”.

The sounds of phones ringing indicates that like the 9,543 consecutive days prior to today, people seem to still find value in what we value - delivering premium, intelligent grass seed solutions with kindness and integrity.

The communication guy at Millborn is setting up a camera in one of the corners of the office. He says he wants to capture a time-lapse of the Operations Team. Nobody even takes notice since the team has seen this a hundred times before...and thereʼs more than a dayʼs work to be yet.

After challenging each other to a "see who can run to the Millborn sign and back the fastest", itʼs time to get back to work. To date, the fastest time has been achieved by the Cover Crops Specialist. But the team is convinced his boots are giving him an unfair advantage so a new challenge is being discussed.

Thereʼs a near deafening silence resulting from the rare scenario in which no Specialists are on the phone, no team members are conversing and no customers are in the office. Itʼs this void that calls attention to the distinctly different sounds orchestrating from each team memberʼs keyboard. And as if conducted, suddenly thereʼs a ruckus out front that everyone rushes out to see. Sure enough, a semi backing up to unload a truckload of wheatgrass managed to punch a hole through the retaining wall. An iPhone snaps a few photos which will no doubt appear at the annual Christmas party. And itʼs back to work after a few laughs.

The unmistakable smell of a simmering goodness lingers from the upstairs kitchen area...all the way back to the seed blending platform over half a football field away. Within minutes, an official announcement is proclaimed over the fancy schmancy phone system that “Lunch is served”. The team has worked hard these past few weeks, so while everyone respects each other, the scene is akin to a wild pack of wolves fending over the last pickings.

An impromptu tour led by the Millborn CEO injects some intelligent conversation into an already action-packed afternoon around the office. The team responds as usual. Mindful, sincere time devoted to helping the visitor feel welcome...and helping them learn more about the different roles at Millborn. Then itʼs back to work.

It appears that two of the Specialists have signed up for the same company vehicle...on the same date...only to be headed in entirely opposite directions to evaluate fields. No fighting ensues. In fact, nary an eyebrow is raised. The matter is resolved Millborn style. Rock. Paper. Scissors. Only the scissors is viewed as being the weakest of the three. The team decided this years ago because Millborn is of course an agriculturally entrenched company. And as such, it only makes sense to give land originating rocks a place at the top. Confusing to Millborn visitors. But clearly understood and respected by the team.

After thirty eight minutes of intensive, candid feedback of a Specialists “test run” presentation, the team feels a little spent. Someone makes the suggestion that chewing on ice has been proven to re-energize the brain. The sounds of cups of ice being filled are heard from the kitchen area. Two team members decide doing a few laps around the warehouse while chewing ice must certainly be better than merely chewing on ice.

Three customers just arrived. Itʼs a Friday. And itʼs planting season. And everyone on the team knows the “drill”. Itʼs go time. So thereʼs work to be done. Itʼs also family time. Arrangements have been made to accommodate those with prior personal commitments. Those that are able to stay are discussing the dining options for the evening. One of the customers offers a confused look upon observing Millborn team members playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide where theyʼll be ordering dinner from. Within minutes, the customer is on board with Millbornʼs new rules about the game. And exactly one hour later, that very same customer sits amongst the Millborn family. Stories are exchanged. A palletʼs worth of seed loads onto their truck. Computers shut down. Warehouse lights go dark. And everyone heads home to reflect on todayʼs blend of intelligent teamwork.

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