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Toll Free:888-498-7333


Detention Basin Rain Garden Mix™

Product Overview
Grows naturally in wet soil environments, perfect for detention basins or rain gardens that temporarily flood and then drain out. With full sun or partial shade, this mix will reach 5’-7’.
8 lbs seed, 17lbs seed carrier with MycoApply®
25lbs total per acre (1 bag)
Preferred Site: Full sun to partial shade
Preferred Soil Type: Wet
Spec Sheet
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Grasses: Western Wheatgrass, Big Bluestem, Blue Joint Reed Grass, Virginia Wildrye, Reed Mannagrass, Rice Cut Grass, Switchgrass, White Top, Indiangrass, Prairie Cord Grass, Prairie Wedgegrass


Forbs: Swamp Milkweed, New England Aster, Showy Tick Trefoil, Joe Pye Weed, Boneset, Sneezeweed, Sawtooth Sunflower, False Sunflower, Prairie Blazingstar, Black-Eyed Susan, Rosin Weed, Cup Plant, Blue Vervain, Ironweed, Golden Alexanders


Sedges, Rushes, Wetland Species: American Slough Grass, Plains Oval Sedge, Porcupine Sedge, Brown Fox Sedge, Dudley’s Rush, Torrey’s Rush, Hardstem Bulrush, Dark Green Bulrush, River Bulrush, Chairmaker’s Rush, Softstem Bulrush, Giant Bur Reed