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Type E

Product Overview
An example of a wildflower seed mixture generally used in the Black Hills area where United States Forest Service, National Park Service, or SD Dept. of Game, Fish, and Parks lands are adjacent to SDDOT highways.
Seeding Rate: 20 PLS LBS per Acre
Spec Sheet
  • 7.00 PLS LBS Western Wheatgrass
  • 4.00 PLS LBS Green Needlegrass
  • 3.00 PLS LBS Sideoats Grama
  • 2.00 PLS LBS Blue Grama
  • 2.00 PLS LBS Canada Wildrye
  • 0.50 PLS LBS Dotted Gayfeather
  • 0.50 PLS LBS Black-eyed Susan
  • 0.50 PLS LBS Blue Fax
  • 0.50 PLS LBS Pale Purple Coneflower

These amounts are based on PLS LBS per Acre