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Not all acres are enrolled into a program or follow specific guidelines. Millborn Native Mixes are designed to offer different aesthetic looks based on your goals and wishes.

Big Country Native Mix™

Designed to establish cover for wildlife all year long and will grow in most soil conditions.

Little Country Native Mix™

Designed with shorter statured species to provide both wildlife as well as landscaping needs.

Millborn Native Forb Mix™

Provides flowering species throughout the growing season. This mix can be either planted on its own or added to another Millborn grass mix.

Prairie Flower Medley Mix™

Will flourish in drier climates or areas where moisture isn’t as common. This mix has a wide variety of colorful flowers that will last for many years. With full sun, it will grow to about 3 feet in height.

Shade Flower Medley Mix™

Meant for the areas that are shaded and hard to establish. With 4 hours of at least filtered sunlight, this mix will flourish and grow to about 3 feet.