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Toll Free:888-498-7333



We’ve figured out when and where to use the right species to achieve a forage goal. Much of this comes from having the opportunity to learn from so many different scenarios that are unique to an operation. We’ll continue to listen and fine tune. And we’re always here to help you to get exactly what you want from your forage projects.

Cool Season

Your double cropping forage system starts here. If you understand where your forage void is, we can begin to narrow the options of a cool season forage. weather you need a silage before corn is ready in the spring or high yielding hay for roughage in...

Dual Threat

We’ve found that good things come in pairs when it comes to planting straight oats as a forage. Dual Threat is a blend of two premium varieties of oats – one true forage, and one multi-purpose.

Warm Season

Utilizing a warm season forage in a double crop system is a great way to fill on farm forage needs.

Winter Annuals

Putting a winter annual in the rotation is one of the easiest ways to get a great cover or provide forage. In the upper Midwest in a corn/soybean rotation, we have a great opportunity to find a fit with these cereals.