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Toll Free:888-498-7333



Just like your operation, we try to improve on things we’ve used in the past. We try to visit as many newly planted fields as possible to see what is or isn’t working and take your thoughts to heart. We also try to experiment with the newest varieties from breeders around the world and make sure they’ll be a fit in our warehouse.


Establishing a stand grass is a long-term investment so do it right. Choose species that match with your climate, soil, and grazing livestock. Our standard mixes contain varieties that were specifically selected for balanced traits that fit with each blend.


#1 Hay & Pasture Mix™

Designed to fit a wide range of scenarios and these hardy species will thrive in light soils, or when moisture is limited.

#2 Waterway Mix™

This mix is designed to be the economical, low maintenance pasture that you’re looking for.

#3 Hay & Pasture Mix™

Contains species that combine quality and yield for maximum production from a perennial pasture.

The Hamilton™

We find solutions to thousands of acres across South Dakota that are affected by high salt content and high pH. This mix will tolerate and grow in these conditions and start to infiltrate water and recycle excess salts.

Calving Pasture Mix™

This mix helps form a thick sod that tolerates large amounts of hoof traffic and keeps coming back in tough scenarios.

Select Horse Pasture Mix™

This mix is great on those small acre projects for that picky horse or 4-H project calf that you’d like to spoil just a bit.