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Toll Free:888-498-7333



Millborn’s robust line of seed mixes helps ensure that your seeding project will achieve healthy growth.


Stands up to harsh, salty conditions for those areas that may be exposed to ice melt salt.

Deluxe Interseeder™

Similar to GK Elite except that it is quicker to establish. This mix is mainly used to over-seed existing lawns and sports fields.

Supreme Shade

For those areas that are mostly in shade or transition areas. 3 to 4 hours of at least filtered sunlight is ideal for optimal growth.


A cross between field and turf mix that is more drought tolerant than most.

EZ Lawn

A low maintenance mix. It’s tough and very drought tolerant while giving off that “natural look.”

GK Elite™

Our highest end turf mix used most commonly for sports fields and highly maintained lawns.

Great Plains™

A mixture of cool and warm season grasses.

Premium Tall Fescue™

100% Tall Fescue making it tough and traffic tolerant.

Quality Sun & Shade™

Our most popular turf mix. It is the go-to mix for lawns because of its durable and long-lasting quality.

Tough Play™

90% Tall Fescue making it mostly turf-type and can be used from sports fields to lawns.