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With roots in Brookings, South Dakota, Millborn Seeds helps bring to life healthy vegetation across the Midwestern landscape.

Why Millborn Seeds?

“More than seed.”

Our team is comprised of Specialists who are continuously aligning themselves with the most current information, processes, and insight. To you that means collaborating with a professional team who can help you achieve healthier establishment with your planting, more vibrant growth, and ultimately stronger returns on your seed investment.

We value working hard, working smart, working for you. Every customer, every order means more than seed to us. We know by the time each Specialist has worked closely with you to formulate a truly custom seed plan, that’s merely the beginning of the “growing” process. Our operations, processing, blending, logistics, and accounting team spends sun up to well past sun down to ensure your customized seed plan arrives on time and on target.

As-fast-as-you-need-it delivery℠. Same day, next day, or “right now,” Millborn has one of the most sophisticated logistics systems to help deliver on our “as fast as you need it” delivery promise. In addition, the expert team of seed mixologists coupled with over a thousand different in-stock products help Millborn be able to push your project through from start to finish...and to your farm in a matter of hours if needed.

Always on your side. Millborn Seeds is here for you. When you need someone you can trust that won’t simply tell you what you want to hear. Or when you could do without another seed company “selling you,” telling you what you need to hear for the purpose of getting you to buy. Fact is, we know our products inside and out. And we’re always researching processes that work powerfully and synergistically with our premium grass seed. But every new phone call leads us to a brand new scenario. Perhaps your scenario. And so we’ll listen intently. Then if you want our advice, we’ll use the insight gathered from walking thousands of fields since our first days way back in 1987, to help formulate a custom seed plan specific to your land, your field, and your operational goals.

Proven PLS Standards + Integrity. We seek out leaders in the grass seed growing business. Leaders who also put value on integrity. That way we can all benefit. Whatever it says on our labels is what’s inside in the bag - guaranteed. And we put our money where our claim is. We conduct precise and thorough testing of all our seed. Ultimately delivering you only the highest quality seed.


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MILLBORN SEEDS | 1335 Western Avenue | Brookings, SD 57006 | P: 605-697-6306 | TF: 888-498-7333 | F: 888-471-1706 | Visit Uncle Millborn

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