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Alfalfa loves to be sowed into a firm seed bed and needs to be packed under the soil about 1/4″. This can be achieved a variety of ways. Whether drilled or broadcasted, just plant shallow and keep the seed bed firm.
For a solid stand of alfalfa, use 12-20 lbs/acre. In drier climates on lower quality soil, use 12-15 lbs. If conditions are good, use a heavier rate to produce a denser stand that will give you high quality, high yielding hay.
Yes. If it isn’t Roundup Ready® alfalfa, there are numerous herbicides to control weeds. Identify if you are try- ing to kill grasses or broadleaves, and call us for site-specific herbicide recommendations.
A newly planted field of alfalfa should be harvested like an established field. Allow it to fully regenerate root reserves before going dormant and don’t take a late cutting.