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This section is quite special to Millborn and has really set our alfalfa apart from others. When we see a need, we find solutions, and Salinity Max™ is one of those examples that continues to impress. This year we’ve added a standard grass alfalfa mix to have on hand at all times. Over the last few years, we’ve used this type of blend on many acres and it continues to impress. For the standard mix, we use our Persist III alfalfa, late maturing orchardgrass, and soft leaf tall forage fescue. It’ll be marketed under the name The Stockman™.

The Stockman™

Combines the highest yielding, best quality grasses with alfalfa. It offers excellent longevity and provides perfect stock cow feed.


Selected from saline seeps in the Dakotas. Its branched root trait selection tolerates areas of high salinity and moisture. SalinityMax provides an excellent disease resistance package.


Excellent in mixes with grass. It tolerates close grazing and offers excellent persistence.


Our top performing blend. Its diversity ensures a great stand for a variety of situations.


Ideal for rangeland conditions. It’s best for interseeding an alfalfa into pasture.