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Producers now have an easy-to-use tool to help create custom cover crop mixes, thanks to the Millborn Seeds My SeedMix Web App.

“As more landowners move towards integrating cover crops into their forage management and crop rotations, the demand for highly diverse and customized seed mixes increases,” says Matt Metzger, a cattle producer and Forage Specialist with Millborn Seeds.

“Some customers have extensive experience with cover crops, and want to experiment a bit, putting together their own mixes. Others may not have much experience but want the flexibility to put together mixes on their own time, so we developed a tool to help make customizing mixes easier for all landowners.”

Customized cover crop seed mixtures are valuable, Metzger explains, because landowner end-goals and growing climates vary. For example, those in limited moisture areas tend to favor a full-season mix they can plant in early spring to take advantage of soil moisture. While others, in areas with greater rainfall, can plant nearly any time of the growing season.

“There isn’t a one-size-fits-all cover crop mix. Which is why it has always been Millborn’s philosophy to get to know our customers’ growing conditions and end goals before we provide mix suggestions,” says Metzger, of the seed company based in Brookings and Rapid City.

My SeedMix provides users with customized seed-mix options, based on input landowners provide to a shortlist of questions, like their primary and secondary goals and when they’d like to plant.

“This app does not replace our team. We are still here to help producers, guiding them to the best mixes to achieve their goals. This app provides those who want more independence or enjoy working through things on their own, with an easy-to-use tool to put together customized seed mixes,” Metzger explains.

Designed for all experience levels

Ease-of-use was a focus when developing the app, explains Metzger. “I’m the first to admit that I’m not tech-savvy. And, I find this app very easy to use.”

In addition to being user-friendly, landowners do not need extensive cover crop experience to try their hand at customizing their seed mix, Metzger explains. “You just need to know what your goals are, when you want to plant and the equipment you’ll be using. The app will guide you through the rest.”

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