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You can graze a cover crop anytime. However, the more growth you can obtain will result in more grazing days. If there are Sorghum hybrids in the mix, allow for 7 days after a frost event before you graze it.
Cover crops can be drilled or broadcasted. Just remember to plant the small seeds shallow and the large seeds deep.
Plant as soon as conditions allow. As the days get shorter, it becomes crucial to have it growing as soon as possible.
Calibrate your drill using the drill’s directions. For a mix, look at your seed tag. Find the species that is the largest percentage by weight in the mix. Since your drill calibration guide likely won’t list that species, find a seed that is very similar in size and density. On your seed label, the suggested seeding rate (pounds/acre) is listed in the upper right corner. Remember, if there are many smaller, heavier seeds in the mix, it will flow faster than your calibrated setting, and you’ll have to slow the seed flow. This may not be perfect, but it’s a great place to start the calibration process. Monitor actual seed usage to fine tune your drill setting.