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The cover crop industry has certainly changed and developed over the past five years. We’ve seen fad species come and go, but one things remained the same. Cover crop seed mixes work better than monocultures. Our mixes try to address specific field goals while still being uniform in seed size, and right for our geography. We’ve tweaked a few mixes once again this year in an effort to get ratios and species correct. The learning curve will continue to build on and Millborn will continue to pave the path.

If you have a specific blend in mind, you can start building a custom cover crop seed mix with the help of My SeedMix from Millborn Seeds.

Balanced Plus™

Multi-purpose, smart-value cover crop blend with a combination of brassicas, grasses, and legumes to maximize soil health.

Classic Trio™

Quick establishing basic brassica blend with deep tap roots to alleviate compaction.

Hi Fly™

Designed for aerial and broadcasting applications, this mix contains fine seeds for an easy establishment to provide quick ground cover.

Ranch Hand™

A predominantly warm-season mix, suited for grazing and season-long ground cover.

The Producer™

Designed as a cool season version of Balanced Plus™, this cover crop mix is great for late-season grazing, nutrient scavenging, and building residue to create organic matter.

Nutrient Builder™

A diverse cover crop to improve next year's cash crop, Nutrient Builder™ will help fix nitrogen, build organic matter, and alleviate compaction.

Premium Graze™

Great blend of grasses and brassicas that provides a high quality palatable diet to livestock late into the season.