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Your double cropping forage system starts here.  If you understand where your forage void is, we can begin to narrow the options of a cool season forage.  Whether you need a silage before corn is ready in the spring or high yielding hay for roughage in TMR, the options of a cool season forage can fit your desires.

Dual Threat

We’ve found that good things come in pairs when it comes to planting straight oats as a forage. Dual Threat is a blend of two premium varieties of oats – one true forage, and one multi-purpose.

Everleaf 126

A breath of fresh air to producers who want to bump up their silage yields in a spring crop.

Forage Barley

If you need a fast solution to your hay problems, take a look at forage barley. This is a great spring planted crop that will mature quickly for an early harvest and deliver a feed quality that exceeds other similar forage options.

Italian Ryegrass

This is the best option for a high-quality grass to make haylage or baleage. Italian Ryegrass is extremely persistent, yielding 3-5 cuttings in the year. It has become a favorite of many dairymen for its superb digestibility and high crude protein le...


For those looking for a near sure-thing when it comes to spring forage production, oats are an excellent option. Oats will provide nice yield as well as quality that is acceptable for stock cows, ewes, or grinding hay in a feedlot.


Here’s your year round annual grazing system! If managed, Optigraze is formulated with a diversity of species that offers growth throughout the entire year.


Whether you choose oats, triticale, or barley, adding peas to the mix will sweeten the deal when it comes to forage production.


There’s a good chance you’ve heard the buzz about mixing peas with the usual cereal grain choices for spring forage. There is a reason for all of that talk, and we have seen the proof.


The increased tonnage and quality you will receive from these mixes makes things a little more fun at the feed bunk, no matter what your production goal is.

Spring Triticale

The hybrid that continues to create a buzz in the forage world. The spring varieties work excellent for those who want an early season forage option that they can follow up with a second crop for the year.