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Forage Barley

Product Overview
Forage Barley is a beardless spring barley developed as a forage. It is a cool season annual small grain commonly planted as a hay or silage crop. Forage barley will be taller and leafier than other barley varieties and will exhibit a beardless seedhead. Forage barley is quick maturing and will be ready to cut 7-10 days earlier than oats planted at the same time. For this reason, forage barley works excellent in double cropping scenarios. Forage barley produces fine-stemmed hay that will cure easily and be highly palatable to all classes of livestock. Crude protein levels of barley hay are usually 1-2% higher than oat hay, making it a high-quality option for forage production. Forage barley is more drought tolerant than other similar small grains and does well in lighter soils. Forage barley displays high tolerance to saline or alkali soils.



  • Planting Time: Early Spring, Barley can tolerate any light frost that may occur after planting
  • Drilled Seeding Rate: 2 bushels/acre (90-100 lbs.)
  • Ideal Seeding Depth: 1.5-2”