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Product Overview
So your cow herd numbers are higher than your pasture acres? Here’s your year round annual grazing system! If managed, Optigraze™ is formulated with a diversity of species that offers growth throughout the entire year. By rotationally grazing and allowing a rest period of 25 days for each paddock, Optigraze will always return more grazing days per acre.


Benefits: Year round annual grazing system.

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: 1⁄4’’

Dry Matter Yield: 2-6 tons/acre
Package Size: 50lb bag | 2,000lb tote

  • 30% Italian Ryegrass
  • 25% Forage Oats
  • 20% Winfred Brassica
  • 15% Hunter Brassica
  • 10% Graza Radish

These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate