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Spring Triticale

Product Overview
Spring Triticale is a spring biotype of the hybrid cross between cereal rye and wheat. It is commonly planted as a hay or haylage crop and can produce high levels of dry matter under challenging conditions. It is later maturing than oats or barley and will maintain its forage quality for an extended harvest window. Crude protein levels of triticale hay or silage are comparable to other small grain forages, but may be 1-2 percent higher. The high yield potential and forage quality has made Spring Triticale an increasingly popular option for a wide range of livestock producers. Spring Triticale is a drought tolerant plant that performs well in limited moisture environments. It does well in a wide range of soil conditions including lighter soils or areas with low to moderate levels of salinity.



  • Planting Time: Early Spring, Triticale can tolerate any light frost that may occur after planting
  • Drilled Seeding Rate: 80-100 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Drilled Seeding Depth: 1.5-2”