Enhancing High Moisture Silage

Millborn Seeds SileGuard is a water-soluble inoculant consisting of three strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria that assists in the fermentation process and enhances nutrient preservation when applied to all types of high-moisture forages.

In addition, inoculants allow for a longer shelf life as well as provide proper fermentation to reduce shrink and an overall loss of product. 

Jared Knock with Millborn Seeds explains why packing silage tightly and adding an inoculant allows these “good bugs” to do their job.  “What we’re trying to do is to overload the system with the bacteria that we want to be present and so what we’re putting on is billions of colony-forming units per ton of feed. We make sure we get the bacteria that we want, to be the most prominent and present in the silage as it’s fermenting.”

SileGuard contains large microorganisms that will ferment silage quickly, creating silage high in lactic acid. This product not only improves fermentation speed and efficiency, but also improves dry matter retention, and animal performance. SileGuard comes in a 500 or 1,000 gram canister that is applied at a 1 gram/ton silage rate. 

For more information, check out SileGuard here!

Written by Heidi Guttormsson for Millborn Seeds, Inc.



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