Overload Your Silage System with Good Bacteria

As you cut and pack your silage this year, consider adding an inoculant to your silage system.

Along with packing silage tightly, inoculants allow the ‘good bacteria’ to do their job in the fermenting process.

Our product, SileGuard, is a water-soluble inoculant that consists of three strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria. These bacteria have three major benefits:

  • Assist in the fermentation process – provide proper fermentation to reduce shrink and overall product loss
  • Enhance nutrient preservation when applied to all types of high-moisture forages
  • Allow for longer shelf life

Learn more about SileGuard Silage Inoculant here or talk with one of our Forage + Cover Crops specialists as you build your silage pile this year!



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