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Teff Grass

Product Overview
Teff Grass is a warm season annual grass that is commonly used for hay production or grazing. Teff has gained popularity due to its excellent forage quality and fast growth which allows for multiple cuttings during the growing season. Teff Grass is very fine stemmed and fine bladed. This makes it extremely palatable to all classes of livestock, and crude protein levels of Teff hay are much higher than other grass hay options. Teff Grass grows to heights of about 2.5’ tall at full maturity, which makes it easy to manage as a hay crop. Its low water use makes it an excellent choice for summer hay production. Teff Grass is somewhat slow growing initially, as it spends the beginning of its life establishing a root system before starting its impressive aboveground growth. It is most commonly used as a season-long forage due to its high production potential in a multi-cut scenario. Because of its quick growth, Teff Grass can also be used as a second crop after early small grain or spring forage harvest in areas with a longer growing season. Teff Grass is widely adapted to a range of soil types, but does not do well in waterlogged soils or highly saline areas.



  • Planting Time: Late Spring – Mid Summer, Teff Grass needs a minimum soil temperature of 60-65 degrees to germinate. It is extremely sensitive to cold and a light frost will kill it
  • Drilled Seeding Rate: 8-10 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Seed Depth: ¼”
  • Seedbed preparation is crucial with Teff Grass. It should be drilled or broadcast onto a firm seedbed absolutely no deeper than ½” much like alfalfa