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Product Overview
Here’s a warm season forage that is loaded with cool features! As the name suggests, Turbo™ Sudangrass Hybrid provides quick initial growth as well as fast regrowth in a multi-cut scenario. It has the BMR gene to provide a higher quality feed product, whether that be dry hay or silage. With its dry stalk trait, you’ll be less likely to pull out your hair waiting for windrows to dry down to make hay. The brachytic dwarf gene in this hybrid packs all the leaves of a normal sudangrass into a shorter plant with better standability. Plant Turbo this summer to see this all in action and watch what it does for your forage program.


Benefits: Extremely versatile BMR Sudangrass hybrid with fast regrowth for multiple cuts.

Seeding Rate: 15-20 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: ¾”
Dry Matter Yield: 3-6 tons/acre