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Putting a winter annual in the rotation is one of the easiest ways to get a great cover or provide forage. In the upper Midwest in a corn/soybean rotation, we have a great opportunity to find a fit with these cereals. Cereal Rye Grain has been the logical choice for this.


The planting window is very forgiving, with a wide opportunity from August to November. Winter hardiness is superb, and spring growth is early and quick. There are various ways to get winter annual on your field. If your goal is simply cover and soil health, it can be flown or broadcasted over corn or soybeans. It can also be drilled after soybean harvest or silage harvest.


If you have corn silage chopped off your field, cover it with rye, forage winter wheat, or triticale. This can provide an additional forage crop to be harvested in late May, and you can still get back in with a cash crop.


Cereal Rye

This fast growing grass provides a high protein hay option with excellent palatability and a high leaf to stem ratio.

Winter Triticale

A hybrid between wheat and rye, and it has some of the best traits from each of its parents.

Forage Winter Wheat

Bred for forage, this winter wheat can really add something to the overall feed value of your rations.