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Cereal Rye (Winter Rye, Rye Grain)

Product Overview
Cereal Rye is a winter annual small grain commonly planted as a cover crop species and also widely used as a forage for livestock. Cereal Rye is the most winter hardy of any winter annual species and is used throughout the U.S. and Canada. There is little risk of winterkill in rye, and it can be grown successfully as long as it is allowed to germinate in the fall. It is very quick to germinate and is the quickest maturing winter annual in terms of spring growth. Rye planted in the fall will break dormancy early and grow rapidly in the spring, making it an excellent competitor with winter annual weeds if used as a cover crop. Cereal Rye is one of the hardiest of any commonly planted crops in the U.S. and can grow in light soils with limited moisture or soils with salinity issues.



  • Planting Time: Mid – late Fall
  • Seeding Rate: 1-2 bushels/acre (56#/bushel)
    • Use 1 bushel per acre if used strictly as a cover crop
    • Use 1.5 bushels per acre if using as a forage crop
    • Use 2 bushels per acre if planning on harvesting for grain or seed
  • Drilled Seeding Depth: 1” – 1.5”
  • Can also be broadcasted
  • Cereal Rye should be planted in the fall when conditions will allow it to germinate before entering a dormant winter period in which it will vernalize.