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Winter Triticale Seed

Product Overview
Winter Triticale is a winter annual grass developed through a cross between winter wheat and winter rye. It is commonly planted for forage production and displays desirable traits from each of its parent species. Winter Triticale is extremely winter hardy like cereal rye, but produces higher quality forage much like winter wheat. It is a mid-maturity winter annual in comparison with rye and winter wheat. Winter Triticale can be used in northern climates that experience harsh winter conditions with little risk of winterkill. Winter Triticale is very drought tolerant and is suitable for dryland conditions and lighter soils. It will perform best on well drained to moderately drained soils as extended periods of standing water can result in winterkill. Winter Triticale is moderately tolerant to saline soils.



  • Planting Time: Mid – late Fall
  • Seeding Rate: 80-100 lbs./acre
  • Drilled Seeding Depth: 1” – 1.5”
  • Winter triticale should be planted in the fall when conditions will allow it to germinate before entering a dormant winter period in which it will vernalize.