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#2 Waterway Mix™

Product Overview
Establishment of grass cover can be a major challenge to producers. We like to make things just a bit easier for those who want to start a pasture quickly and not worry about it for years to follow. This mix is designed to be the economical, low maintenance pasture that you’re looking for. Whether you want one large cutting of hay, or a way to create grazing opportunities on unstable ground, look to Millborn’s #2 Waterway Mix™ at seeding time.


Benefits: Establishes fast. Long lasting.

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: ¼”
Package: 25lb bag

  • 45% Brome
  • 20% Tall Fescue
  • 20% Perennial Ryegrass
  • 15% Timothy

These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate