MSI Pollinator

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This diverse blend of native perennial grasses and wildflowers is the do-it-all mix when it comes to attracting and providing for any pollinator species, birds, bees or any other insects. We designed this mix to provide a diverse array of blooming species which is crucial when providing food and habitat to pollinators including Monarch butterflies and many native bees throughout the length of the growing season. The adaptability of the mix allows it to be seeded on a variety of soil types and moisture regimes.

Seeding Rate: 15 lbs/ac
Seeds per sq ft: 68.2

Package: 15 lb bag

Total Price:

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Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Sterile Triticale (Quickguard) 29.8%
Anise Hyssop 0.5%
Black Eyed Susan 1%
Blanketflower 1%
Butterfly Milkweed 0.1%
Canada Milkvetch 3%
Common Milkweed 0.5%
Evening Primrose 2%
False Sunflower 1%
Foxglove Beardtongue 0.003%
Golden Alexanders 0.008%
Gray Goldenrod 0.002%
Grayhead Coneflower 1.2%
Hoary Vervain 0.5%
Illinois Bundleflower 3.4%
Lance-Leaved Coreopsis 1%
Maximilian Sunflower 1%
Monkey Flower 0.1%
New England Aster 0.1%
Ohio Spiderwort 0.1%
Pale Purple Coneflower 0.8%
Partridge Pea 1.5%
Plains Coreopsis 1.5%
Prairie Cinquefoil 2.3%
Prairie Coneflower 1.5%
Purple Coneflower 2%
Rough Blazingstar 1.1%
Shell Leaf Penstemon 0.2%
Slender Mountain Mint - Eastern Origin 1.1%
Smooth Blue Aster 0.1%
Stiff Goldenrod 0.1%
Swamp Milkweed 0.2%
Western Yarrow 1.6%
White Prairie Clover 0.8%
Wild Bergamot 0.5%
Big Bluestem 5%
Blue Grama 1%
Canada Wildrye 3.5%
Indiangrass 5%
Little Bluestem 8.4%
Prairie Junegrass 0.1%
Sideoats Grama 7.5%
Switchgrass - Dacotah 5%
Virginia Wildrye 5%
Brown Fox Sedge 0.1%
These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate.

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Seeding Rate: 15 lbs/ac

Seeds per sq ft: 68.2

If broadcast seeding, multiply the seeding rate times 1.5.

If used in commercial application, multiple the seeding rate times 2.

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Specialist Establishment Tip

Specialist Establishment Tip: in all native mixes, you often won’t see a mature species during the first season. Weed management and upkeep should be the number one priority during the first year. To give this mix a boost and reduce erosion during establishment, we added QuickGard Sterile Triticale to the mix.

Multiple Regions

Every acre is different and our goal is to help you know what works best in your area. This 'Growing Regions' section showcases where this species works best. If you have any questions on product placement, feel free to contact our experts and we will help!

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