SileGuard Silage Inoculant

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SileGuard is a water-soluble inoculant with three different strains of lactic acid producing bacteria to aid fermentation and improve nutrient preservation when applied to all types of high-moisture forages.

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Recommended for all types of high moisture forage. SileGuard should be used in accordance with good silage management practices. Use proper application equipment, and harvest and cut at proper maturity stage and height.

› Improves fermentation speed and efficiency
› Forage nutrient preservation
› Improves dry matter retention
› Improves animal performance
› 150,000 CFU’s per gram of treated crop


Apply 1 gram of inoculant per ton of harvested crop to provide 150,000 CFU of live, naturally occurring microorganisms to each gram of crop. The scoop included holds approximately 50 grams and treats 50 ton, and will vary according to how scoop is filled. Mix with cool, clean, water. Mix and apply solution based on application rate for the type of applicator. Standard application: Mix to apply 1-2 qts/ton of harvested crop. Low volume application: SileGuard has been formulated so that it can be applied through low volume application systems. Bacteria will remain viable in concentrated tank mix for up to two days at 70 degrees F or below.


For short term storage, store in a cool, dry area away from sunlight. Once container is open, any unused product should be stored in refrigerator. For maximum long-term storage, between crop seasons, etc., store in a freezer. Discard any product not used within seven days of opening if unable to store in a refrigerator. Unopened canisters can be stored for up to 18 months at 70 degrees Farenheit.

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