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Millborn offers proven, effective fertilizers to help kickstart your vegetation towards healthy establishment.

Product Overview

A 6-8 week product, is a spring applied fertilizer that prevents growth of crabgrass while feeding your lawn. This fertilizer can be used for any established turf areas for that quick boost. Complies with Minnesota existing lawn requirements for no phosphorous.


A great balanced starter fertilizer. This is great for new lawns or for new seedings. Generally, this fertilizer lasts 6 weeks.


50% of the nitrogen content is coated for slow release, long term effectiveness. The benefits of this fertilizer can be seen for up to 16 weeks. Complies with Minnesota existing lawn requirements for no phosphorous.


Our most popular turf builder fertilizer with a 50% slow release component. Generally, it will last 8 weeks and can be applied throughout the growing season.


Sustane® 4-6-4
A natural organic starter and maintenance fertilizer that lasts about 8 weeks. It provides a combination of slow release nutrients and organic substances that work to replenish the soil with a rich supply of humus and the essential nutrients required for long term fertility programs.


Sustane® 8-2-4
An all natural slow release nitrogen fertilizer that promotes a rapid rate of vegetative establishment with an 8 week release duration. Quick ground cover minimizes soil erosion and the need for repairs or re-seeding. This is the perfect fertilizer for greenhouse bedding plants and annuals establishment. It’s also great for organic crop production, erosion control, wetlands and many other uses.


Sustane® 18-1-8
A two-part blend combining Sustane organic with four-way release of nitrogen for enhanced and long lasting color. It is the most economical coverage of any organic based fertilizer and provides a consistent supply of nutrients for 12-16 weeks.