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Toll Free:888-498-7333




Western Hay & Pasture Mixes

Our western hay and pasture mixes are designed specifically for the semi-arid states of the western U.S. and cover a wide range of environments and goals. With a Millborn team and warehouse facility located on the western edge of South Dakota, we have a presence in this region that allows us to work closely with producers to select the best mix possible for each grass seeding project.


Economy Dryland Pasture

Designed to fit a wide range of scenarios and these hardy species will thrive in light soils, or when moisture is limited.

High and Dry Grass Mix

A unique mixture of native and introduced grasses designed for the most challenging conditions. This blend is excellent for pasture or reclamation seedings at elevations up to 9,000 ft. and areas with very limited precipitation.

High Traffic Pasture Mix

A blend of grasses that can handle heavy hoof traffic or overgrazing in spring calving pastures or other high traffic areas. This blend provides hardy and reliable grass cover and was designed for dryland use in the western U.S.

Irrigated Grass

A blend of grasses that combines the highest yield and forage quality for top production under irrigation or in areas of higher rainfall. It is highly suitable for haying or grazing.

Premium Dryland Pasture Mix

A blend of high yielding, high quality forage grasses and grazing alfalfa for top performance on dryland.

Western Horse Pasture

A blend of the most palatable and high-quality grasses that can handle the close grazing habits of horses.