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To some of us, deer hunting season is a 365-day season. Planting and maintaining successful food plots can help attract and hold deer on your property year-round. Millborn food plots cover all goals needed to make this year’s hunting season the best one yet.

Big 8™

A mix of warm-season forages, clovers and legumes to attract deer and other wildlife through the summer months as well as improve soil for fall seedings.

Buck & Tom™

A mixture of various clovers, grasses, forbs, herbs, and grains that provides excellent year-long forage for deer, turkeys, and other wildlife in your sanctuary.

Whitetail Premium™

Provides deer with excellent nutrition to enhance antler growth, body size, and overall health of the deer herd.

Buck Forage Oats

An option that will establish quick enough for early season hunts as well as remain green throughout the first few frosts.

Egyptian Wheat

Egyptian Wheat is used for privacy screening around food plots.

Green Beast™

A highly digestible protein source for deer during harsh winters. It's heavily utilized after the first hard frost when the leafy area of the plant becomes sweet in taste.

Sierra Flats™

Provides a yearlong perennial browse and protein source for western game animals.

Elkridge Greens™

Designed with a high producing, high protein food source in mind.

Frosty Feed™

Provides deer populations with a nutritious food source for fall and winter months. It is easy to grow and extremely attractive.

Wildlife Manager’s Mix

A blend of five exceptional soybean varieties: two forage types, two tall, high- yielding types, and one climbing type.