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Egyptian Wheat

Product Overview

Egyptian Wheat’s name is misleading because it is actually a member of the sorghum family. It is best known for its extreme height and excellent cover, but it also bears loose seed heads which contain an abundance of food for upland game birds. Egyptian Wheat can reach heights in excess of 10’ and seed will mature in approximately 110 days. Over the last few years, Egyptian Wheat has been used for privacy screening around food plots. It also provides a way to access your stand undetected by game.

Where to Plant
• Egyptian Wheat grows in a wide variety of soils but prefers well-drained soils

• Requires full sunlight
• Ideal soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0

• Soil temperatures should be ≥ 50° F at time of planting
• Planting depth of 1⁄2” into a firm seed bed
• Plant at 15 lbs/acre
• Seeds can be broadcasted or drilled


Do not exceed the 15 lbs/acre suggested seeding rate. By increasing the seeding rate, you will see shorter, weaker plants that won’t reach full maturity.