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Green Beast™

Product Overview

Green Beast™ is a highly digestible protein source for deer during harsh winters. It’s heavily utilized after the first hard frost when the leafy area of the plant becomes sweet in taste. After grazing the leafy area, deer will graze bulbs of the plant. Green Beast promotes deer herd health and rapid antler growth. Perfect for small hunting plots. Best late season food plot.

Winfred Brassica, Hunter Brassica, Dwarf Essex Rape, Purple Top Turnips, Daikon Radish, Dominion Swede
Protein Content: Up to 34% protein
Plant Date: Late Summer to Early Fall (at least 60 days before first frost)
Seed Rate: Drill or Broadcast at 10lbs/acre
Seed Depth: 1/3”deep
Herbicide Type: Preplant: Glyphosate

Fertilizer Type/Rate: 13-13-13 at 350lbs/acre
Durability: Ability to withstand 10°F temperatures and retain green leaf
Package: 10lb and 50lb bag







Late fall through winter after a few frosts.