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Panel Mower is ideal when seeding your solar farm project to a mix that you’ll continue to maintain through mowing. A fast establishment of annual ryegrass will help the perennial species through the initial year. Our blend of hardy fine fescue combined with crested wheatgrass ensures growth on even the harshest soil conditions and the driest of years. It’ll be quite nice to have a pollinator species in White Dutch Clover amongst the grasses, and this rhizomotous clover along with Kentucky Bluegrass helps ensure constant cover for persistent weed suppression.

Total Seeding Rate: 100-150 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: 1/4″
Seeding Instructions: Drill into a firm, clean seedbed.

Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Solar Array Brand Fine Fescue 50%
Kentucky Bluegrass 25%
Annual Ryegrass 13%
Crested Wheatgrass 10%
White Dutch Clover 2%

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Vegetation Management Planting Tip

You’ll dramatically increase your chance of a successful stand when technique, time of year, and proper site conditions are taken into consideration. Accurate seeding depth and rate are crucial in getting the project off on the right foot. The Millborn Vegetation Management¬† Team has an extensive background and over 25 years of knowledge – we are happy to help answer questions at any stage of your project.

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