Prairie Flower Medley Mix™


Prairie Flower Medley Mix™ will flourish in drier climates or areas where moisture isn’t as common. This mix has a wide variety of colorful flowers that will last for many years. With full sun, it will grow to about 3 feet in height.

10 lbs/acre, 1 lb/4,000 SqFt

Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Baby's Breath 15%
Siberian Wallflower 12%
African Daisy 8%
"Polka Dot" Cornflower Mix 8%
California Popppy 8%
Blanketflower 8%
Indianblanket 8%
Blue Flax 8%
Others 25%
These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate.

Product Guide


10 lbs/acre, 1 lb/4,000 SqFt

  • Preferred Site: Full Sun
    Preferred Soil Type: Dry, Mesic

*If Hydro-seeding, the seeding rate should be doubled


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