Switchgrass – Panicum virgatum

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Providing adequate cover next to food sources is crucial in attracting and holding wildlife on your property. Switchgrass offers excellent winter cover, even in high snow and wind conditions for all wildlife. It also can act as a screening cover to allow you to access and leave your hunting stand locations. Switchgrass is used in hay production, erosion control, wildlife nesting and winter cover, and a biofuel source in central and southern United States regions. It grows best on sandy to clay loam soils. Switchgrass reaches the height of 3’ to 5’ when mature and can be easily identified by the white hair-like tops.

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Plant Information

Common Name: Switchgrass

Scientific Name: Panicum virgatum

Varieties: Blackwell, Cave-in-Rock, Dacotah, Forestburg, Sunburst

  • Blackwell: Blackwell switchgrass is adapted to grow well in the south-central and eastern states. Compared to other switchgrass cultivars, Blackwell possessed high leafiness, total forage, and disease resistance.
  • Cave-In-Rock: Cave-In-Rock is adapted to be useful wind barriers, biofuel, and protection to lands prone to flooding. Can grow to reach 6’ tall that works as field barriers for soil erosion control.
  • Dacotah: Adapted to grow in North Dakota, northern Minnesota and South Dakota. Dacotah grows shorter with thinner leaves and stems and matures earlier when compared to other switchgrass cultivars.
  • Forestburg: Adapted for primarily North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa regions. Forestburg is tolerant to drought, saline, and alkaline soils.
  • Sunburst: Sunburst is similar to Forestburg in performance and adaptions. Compared to Dacotah, Sunburst is late maturing, and both are suitable for haying and grazing in Minnesota and South Dakota.
  • Nebraska 28: Nebraska 28 switchgrass was adapted in Nebraska and performs well in sandy, well drained soils throughout the upper midwest.

Mature Height: 3′-5′

Soil Moisture: Wet to Dry

Seeding Rate: 6 lbs/acre

Planting Instructions: Site preparation is vital for allowing your seed to make clean contact with the soil, allowing for successful and uniform germination. Start with a clean, firm, weed-free seedbed to allow for uniform seed placement and an increased chance for faster establishment.




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