Solar Pollinator Buffer Mix

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Our Solar Pollinator Buffer Mix is an extremely diverse blend of legumes, native forbs, and grasses that will be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your solar project. With more freedom in height limitations, we can include species with different structures, heights, and blooming periods that will enhance pollinator benefit year-round. We know how important it is to satisfy the wide range of goals and specifications of each project and know how much benefit a good pollinator mix can help to achieve them.

Total Seeding Rate: 22 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: 1/4″
Seeding Instructions: Drill into a firm, clean seedbed.

Mix ratios

  • Solar array brand fine fescue48%
  • little bluestem7%
  • sideoats grama7%
  • crimson clover5%
  • slender wheatgrass5%
  • virginia wildrye5%
  • illinois bundleflower2%
  • indiangrass2%
  • other19%

You’ll dramatically increase your chance of a successful stand when technique, time of year, and proper site conditions are taken into consideration. Accurate seeding depth and rate are crucial in getting the project off on the right foot. The Millborn Vegetation Management Team has an extensive background and over 25 years of knowledge – we are happy to help answer questions at any stage of your project.