Renewable Energy

Southeast Array Mix

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Establish a quick, durable, short-growing ground cover inside of the array areas of your solar project. Species height is the main factor when designing this mix, as we want to be mindful of the performance of the solar panels and maximize efficiencies. This mix was created to thrive in challenging soil conditions across the Southeast, help prevent erosion, and compete against weeds during establishment. The addition of clovers in the mix adds a pollinator benefit, as well as helping to build soil health.


map of US with southeast states highlighted


You’ll dramatically increase your chance of a successful stand when technique, time of year, and proper site conditions are taken into consideration. Accurate seeding depth and rate are crucial in getting the project off on the right foot. The Millborn Vegetation Management Team has an extensive background and over 25 years of knowledge – we are happy to help answer questions at any stage of your project.