Temporary Cover

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When you need temporary growth on your site to prevent erosion, build soil structure, and give your future solar farm a beautiful look, Temporary Cover is for you. This blend of Red, White, and Crimson clovers will establish quickly and flower within 40 days after planting. The Annual Ryegrass will create quick groundcover to hold your soil and suppress weeds. When your site isn’t quite set to plant to your perennial mix, get Temporary Cover to improve your site’s appearance and chances for a successful perennial stand.

When it’s time to plant your perennial vegetation, simply incorporate your perennial seed into the seed bed that has been prepared by your Temporary Cover. Ensuring good seed to soil contact is vital to allow your new seedlings the best chance to establish.

Total Seeding Rate: 35 lbs/acre
Seeding Depth: 1/4 to 1/2″
Seeding Instructions: Drill into a firm, clean seedbed.

Mix ratios

  • Annual Ryegrass48%
  • Crimson Clover7%
  • Medium Red Clover7%
  • White Dutch Clover5%

You’ll dramatically increase your chance of a successful stand when technique, time of year, and proper site conditions are taken into consideration. Accurate seeding depth and rate are crucial in getting the project off on the right foot. The Millborn Vegetation Management Team has an extensive background and over 25 years of knowledge – we are happy to help answer questions at any stage of your project.