Toll Free:888-498-7333

Toll Free:888-498-7333




Commercial projects come with all kinds of challenges – tight deadlines, fixed budgets and complex specifications to name a few.

Millborn’s robust product line-up combined with expert knowledge from our Specialists simplifies your project and helps you become more successful.



 COMMERCIAL SPECIALIST When you collaborate with Millborn Seeds, you benefit from having the expertise, insight, and overall caring approach from a Commercial Specialist. This helps identify potential pitfalls within the project as well as helps solidify the most intelligent approach and products.

LUNCH AND LEARN OPPORTUNITIES Whether you want an in-house presentation or wish to join one of the scheduled Lunch and Learn “events”, Millborn is dedicated to educating fellow professionals on the everchanging Commercial products marketplace.

ONSITE CONSULTATION To help your project remain on target, Millborn’s Commercial Specialists are ready and able to mobilize. This allows you to stay focused on your tasks at hand on the job site.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONSULTATION There is no substitute for formulating an intelligent pre-construction plan. We’ve learned that part of the magic in this process is inviting many different prospective team members into the discussion. Millborn’s Commercial Specialists offer a team-based perspective in the planning stages of your project.



Millborn offers DOT-approved commercial products for South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota. Please call if you don’t see your state listed.


Proven PLS Standards + Integrity. Whatever it says on our label is what’s inside in the bag - guaranteed.

Erosion Control

Millborn’s complete line of erosion control products helps protect your investment in seed as well as offers proven ways to prevent erosion within and around your project.


Millborn’s team of Grass Seed Specialists work to match every grass seed project up with a proven line of fertilizers and chemicals when and where necessary.

Submittals/Certification Sheets

To help you verify that the correct product(s) and quantities are installed on the project, Millborn is pleased to offer you this user-friendly ability to search for Submittals and Certification Sheets.


STANDARD MIXES Millborn’s line up of Turf, DOT, and Specialty Native grass mixes are formulated to fit the most demanding growing conditions. Over thirty years of learning the ever-changing Commercial and Construction marketplace helps keep our grass seed products and solutions at the top of the industry.


1,000+ SPECIES ON HAND With one of the most diverse and in-depth inventory of seed on the planet, you can trust that if your needs are urgent, Millborn is ready to deliver.

WETLAND, UPLAND, WILDFLOWERS, FIELD GRASS, NATIVE GRASS Whatever your need is, Millborn has you covered. Our team of Grass Seed Specialists formulates some of the industry’s most sought after blends.

CUSTOM MIXES It’s how we started. And it’s how we continue to bring the most on-target grass seed solution to our clients. One custom built solution after another, Millborn understands the unique demands across different industries. A Commercial Specialist is ready to help formulate a custom mix to fit your exact project needs.

BLENDED ON DEMAND To help give you the assurance that “when you’re ready, we’ll be ready”, Millborn offers one of the industry’s most in-depth and diverse grass seed inventory. When others may need weeks to complete your order, Millborn Seeds gets it done in a matter of days, if not hours.

QUALITY We seek out leaders in the grass seed growing business. Leaders who also put value on integrity. That way we can all benefit. Whatever it says on our label is what’s inside the bag – guaranteed. And we put our money where our claim is. We conduct precise and thorough testing on all our seed, ultimately delivering you only the highest quality seed.