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Toll Free:888-498-7333






Sustane® 4-6-4 (50lb bag, 2000lb tote)

Sustane® 4-4-4 (50lb bag, 2000lb tote)

13-13-13 (50lb bag)


Erosion Control Wattles

Curlex® Sediment Logs:

            9” x 25’ (6/Bundle)

            12” x 10’ (12/Bundle)

            20” x 10’ (6/Bundle)

Curlex® SFW Wattle:

              9” x 25’ (6/Bundle, 18/Pallet)

              12” x 10’ (12/Bundle, 36/Pallet)

              20” x 10’ (6/Bundle, 18/Pallet)

Straw Wattle:

              9”, 12”

Custom lengths available by special


Soil Stabilizers

Spec Tack (20 lb Pail)

PAM-12® (50 lb bag)


DOT Seed Mixtures

Customized to meet project conditions and specifications

Erosion Control Blankets
Curlex® I
Curlex® II CL
Curlex® II
Curlex® II (.98# DN)


Turf Reinforcement Mats

Recyclex® TRM-V

Recyclex® TRM

Class 1 – Curlex® Enforcer®


Fiber Mulch

Mat-Fiber® Plus (100% wood with track) 50lb bale


Bonded Fiber Matrix

Soil Guard®


Fiber Reinforced Matrix

Flex Guard®


Silt Fence

High Flow Silt – SRW MSF70
Low Flow silt – Winfab 1215DT


Inlet Protection

Dandy Products