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Boost is your go-to-the-pasture blend when desiring and over-seeding mix that will increase yield and quality in your existing stand. It is an excellent choice for frost-seeding when broadcasting, as well as drilling into a suppressed stand of grass. If you desire a lusher, healthier pasture and want to build your own nitrogen on your land, give it a Boost!

Seeding Rate: 10 lbs/acre


50 lb bag

Total Price:

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Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Medium Red Clover 40%
Creeping Root Alfalfa 25%
Ladino White Clover 15%
Falcata Yellow Blossom Alfalfa 10%
Alsike Clover 10%

Product Guide


  • If broadcast seeding is your only planting option, frost seed Boost over your pasture in early winter or early spring when the ground isn’t completely frozen (and ideally before a snow).
  • Planting with a drill is highly recommended in early spring
  • Drilled Seeding Depth: 1/4-1/2 inch deep


  • No additional fertilizer is needed for Boost when planting into your pastures.
  • If you normally fertilize your pasture, continue with the same regimen.
  • Once Boost is established, your need for nitrogen will diminish.

Weed Control

  • After planting Boost, do not spray your pasture for broadleaves – this will kill the plants you just planted.


  • Ideally your plants would be 3-6 inches and have 70 days of growth before you graze Boost the first season.
  • When established, rotationally graze where it is planted to allow optimal re-growth and root development.

Multiple Regions

Every acre is different and our goal is to help you know what works best in your area. This 'Growing Regions' section showcases where this species works best. If you have any questions on product placement, feel free to contact our experts and we will help!

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