Partridge Pea – Chamaecrista fasciculata

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Partridge Pea is an annual native legume that grow on prairies, riverbanks and some upland woods. The plant grows narrow dainty leaflets along with 1” yellow flowers which grow into clusters along the stem. Partridge Pea is widely grown for wildlife use as they are high protein and easily digestible. It is a great choice for disturbed areas needing erosion control as it establishes quickly and fixes nitrogen well in its flowering stage.

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Plant Information

Common Name: Partridge Pea

Scientific Name: Chamaecrista fasciculata

Light Requirements: Full, Partial

Bloom Period: July – September

Bloom Color: Yellow

Mature Height: 2′

Soil Moisture: Medium to Dry

Seeding Rate: 20-25 lbs/acre

Planting Instructions: Site preparation is vital for allowing your seed to make clean contact with the soil, allowing for successful and uniform germination. Start with a clean, firm, weed-free seedbed to allow for uniform seed placement and an increased chance for faster establishment.




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