Primal FAQs

What is the best late season deer food plot?
Killzone™ and Final Stand™ are the two best late-season food plot mixes.  You can plant individually or mix together.

When should I plant my pheasant food plot?
Typically you plant in late spring (mid-May through mid-June) or when soil temperatures reach 60 °F.

When should I plant my late season deer food plot mixes?
Late summer to early fall, which is typically August through beginning of September, depending on your location.

Should I fertilize my food plots?
See Food Plot Fertility Guide

What can I spray on my clover food plot mix?
If you have a grass or weed problem, use Poast® herbicide. Apply at 1.5-2.5 pints/acre.
If you have a broadleaf weed problem, use Pursuit® herbicide. Apply at 3-6 ounces/acre.