IN Dry-Mesic (WD-MWD) Interseed

$55.00 /acre

Product Guide

IN Dry-Mesic (WD-MWD) Interseed

Scientific Name Common Name % of Mix
Rudbeckia hirta Black Eyed Susan 15.9%
Asclepias syriaca Common Milkweed 0.2%
Oenothera biennis Evening Primrose 14.6%
Heliopsis helianthoides False Sunflower 1.4%
Penstemon digitalis Foxglove Beardtongue 16.9%
Ratibida pinnata Grayhead Coneflower 4.9%
Verbena stricta Hoary Vervain 4.6%
Desmanthus illinoensis Illinois Bundleflower 1.4%
Coreopsis lanceolata Lance-Leaved Coreopsis 7.6%
Helianthus maximiliani Maximilian Sunflower 4.2%
Chamaecrista fasciculata Partridge Pea 1.2%
Echinacea purpurea Purple Coneflower 1.6%
Dalea purpurea Purple Prairie Clover 5.8%
Dalea candida White Prairie Clover 3.1%
Monarda fistulosa Wild Bergamot 16.7%
Total 100.0%

*Species substitutions may be necessary based on availability.

*Percentages shown above are based on total seed population. Percentages shown on seed tag when purchased are based on total weight. Therefore, the percentages shown on the seed tag will be different than the breakdown above, but the integrity remains the same.


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