The Producer

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The Producer is our cool-season version of Balanced Plus. This blend achieves a variety of goals such as late-season grazing, nutrient scavenging, and building residue to create organic matter.

This mix meets the NRCS standard cover crop requirements for CSP and EQIP Programs in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Drilled Seeding Rate: 20 lbs/acre
Broadcast Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre

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Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Purple Top Turnip 25%
Common Vetch 25%
Cover Crop Radish 20%
Flax 15%
Oats 15%
These amounts are based on percentage of full seeding rate.

Product Guide


  • Planting Time: Late Summer – Early Fall
  • Drilled Seeding Rate: 20 lbs/acre
  • Broadcast Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Seed Depth: ½”

Fertility + Weed Control

  • If grazing is intended and soil fertility levels are low, consider applying 25–50 lbs/acre of nitrogen at planting to increase total
    biomass production.
  • Plant into a clean, weed-free seedbed.
  • If weeds are present at planting, consider applying glyphosate before or after planting if drilled, but before crop emergence to
    control existing weeds. Do not apply glyphosate after planting if crop is broadcasted and not incorporated.


  • The Producer can be grazed as soon as there is adequate growth to support livestock. There are no nutritional concerns at
    any point during the fall or winter.
  • All species in the blend will winterkill, so termination is not necessary.
  • Some residue will be gained from this blend, but not too much to prevent effective no-tilling.
  • Follow normal tillage plans for following crops.

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