Winter Peas

$41.00 bag

Winter Peas provide a lush and highly attractive late season forage. It is quick to establish and cold tolerant. Plant into a clean, firm seedbed for best results.

Seeding Rate: 70 lbs/acre drilled or broadcasted


50 lb bag

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Product Guide


  • Seeding Rate: 70 lbs/ac drilled or broadcasted
  • Seeding Depth: ½” deep
  • Package: 50 lb bag
  • Plant into a clean, firm seedbed when both drilling or broadcasting
  • Planting Zones:
    • Zone 1: Late Summer
    • Zone 2: Late Summer, Early Fall
    • Zone 3: Fall
    • Zone 4: Not Recommended


If maximum biomass is desired, use the fertilizer rates below:

  Recommended Application Rate (Lbs/acre)
Soil Fertility Level Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P2O5) Potassium (K2O)
High 0 0 0
Medium 0 25 35
Low 30 60 70

*Rates are recommended if no soil test is taken.