Alfalfa Patcher

$1.50 lb

Ideal for fixing thin and bare spots in your alfalfa stand, seed Alfalfa Patcher in the spring. This mix of annual species will provide fast growth to supplement yield from your thin stand. Season-long growth from the Alfalfa Patcher will be consistent yield and quality amongst your alfalfa. Use this for a one year fix to extend the productive life of alfalfa stands.

Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre


50 lb bag

Total Price:

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Hay Grass Seed for Sale - #3 Hay and Pasture Mix

Mix Ratios

Mix Ratios

Oats 60%
Mammoth Red Clover 20%
Premium Italian Ryegrass 20%

Product Guide


  • Planting Time:
    • Early Spring: after hard freezing conditions have ended.
  • Seeding Rate: 25 lbs/acre
  • Ideal Seed Depth: ½”
    • Seed should be drilled into a firm seedbed or broadcasted and packed


  • If soil fertility levels are low, consider applying 25-30 lbs/acre of nitrogen at planting time.

Weed Control

  • Weeds will be controlled by cutting the hay.


  •  Overseed into Alfalfa that has thinned from winter kill or age. The annual species will help boost yield in each cutting of the field.
  • Plant as early as possible in the spring. Cut the field when our alfalfa is ready to be cut at your desired maturity state. The Alfalfa Patcher will re-grow and continue to grow and boost yield in your second and third cuttings.

Region 2 & Region 3

Every acre is different and our goal is to help you know what works best in your area. This 'Growing Regions' section showcases where this species works best. If you have any questions on product placement, feel free to contact our experts and we will help!

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